Travel restrictions and advisories

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Led by 26 year old fast rising piano star Nick Maclean, this contemplative and often thrilling quartet explores modern jazz in the vein of 60’s Blue Note era Herbie Hancock. The quartet features Brownman Ali, internationally acclaimed jazz trumpet iconoclast and “Canada’s preeminent jazz trumpet player” (NYC Village Voice). Jazz with the Nick Maclean Quartet : Nick Maclean piano, Brownman Ali trumpet, Jesse Dietschi bass, Tyler Goertzen drums.

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cheap jordans shoes Bill’s loves were his family the Marine Corps. A celebration of his life will be held on Friday, Sept. 21 with visitation at 10:00 AM and services at 11:00 AM at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 16023 Mtka. The problem started with a fault in 500kv grid station that led to severe loadshedding in vast area of the city, including the localities in Western and Southern sides. The helpless consumers cheap nike and jordan shoes faced the menace of unannounced loadshedding for hours. Later in the evening, the intensity of outages was so extreme that in various feeders, power supply was being disconnected for one to two hour after gap of an hour cheap jordans shoes.

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