To change the laws, another case with an ordinance calling for

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MORE FANTASY COVERAGE: Top 200 overall Top 100 forwards News trackerTrending upMorgan Rielly, TOR The Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman is tied for the NHL lead in points (10; two goals, eight assists) and power play points (five) entering Wednesday games. He’s the top ranked skater in Yahoo and looks to have solidified the first power play role with forwards Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitchell Marner and Nazem Kadri over defenseman Jake Gardiner.Thomas Chabot, OTT The Ottawa Senators defenseman is tied for second among NHL defensemen with five points (two goals, three assists) in three games and looks to be thriving with an increased role after the departure or Erik Karlsson.Rasmus Ristolainen, BUF The Buffalo Sabres defenseman has two assists in three games and is covering hits (eight) and shots on goal (eight). He is playing significantly more on the power play per game (3:18) than Rasmus Dahlin (0:48) and has surpassed the rookie in the fantasy rankings.Young defensemen worth addingHenri Jokiharju, CHI The Chicago Blackhawks defenseman has been one of the hottest adds on the waiver wire after five assists in his first three NHL games.

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