Many of these landowners are illiterate and are lured by the

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cheap real retro jordans for sale PORT MORESBY Jim Ben is a youth from the Motu Koitabu village at Mahuru in Port Moresby’s south. He is an aspiring entrepreneur despite not completing his primary education, and he is adamant that he will cheap jordans for sale persevere in realising his goal.By way of heritage, Jim is part Porebada and part Koitabu, the Koitabuans being the ancestral owners of the land that the Papua New Guinean capital is built on.Numerous Koitabu landowning families have fallen into the practice of selling their land to anyone who is interested.Many of these landowners are illiterate and are lured by the opportunity to make easy money.The sad consequence is that families lose their traditional cheap adidas land and dispose of the inheritance of the next generations of Koitabuans.However Jim’s story is different and is one of the few that brings to light the possibility of Koitabuans using their land in a more positive and sustainable way.Currently Jim runs a market stall in front of his family house where he sells betel nut, cigarettes and food items.He has built his own house behind his parent’s and late in 2015 added two small rooms to his house.These are tenanted and bring Jim revenue of K250 a fortnight. He has cheap jordans china plans to build bigger and more permanent units and also to turn his small market stall into a fully stocked canteen.It is not a glamorous establishment yet but it is proof that, if people set goals and have the determination to realise them, they can achieve them despite of how challenging their situation is.”Being patient cheap jordans free shipping and wise in the choices we make also affects our progress greatly,” Jim said.”I have been selling food items from my little stall for over four years now, yes it has been that long.”Before building my house and the rent rooms, the area behind my parent’s house was very bushy, there was grass as high as two meters and a few trees that I had to clear over time with a little help.”Also I had to distance myself from people who didn’t share the same aspiration as I did.” Jim said.”This helped me to focus on the things that really mattered and gave me time to set my goals and to think about how to reach them.”When I asked where this desire to do business started, Jim had a surprising answer.”One time I was sitting with a group of friends and I asked, what is our purpose in life?”Our parents have sacrificed so much for us but what will we give them in cheap jordan sneakers return?”Later, I thought hard about what I said and set my mind to do something to earn a form of income so I can take care of my parents and in doing so show my appreciation for them.”Because I didn’t complete primary schooling, I cannot read and write in English and so finding a decent office job was out of the question for cheap jordans in china me cheap real retro jordans for sale.

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