In May, Flynn proposed changes to how the department’s air

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Elizabeth Seton High School field hockey and lacrosse coach Meghan Sheperd also plays in the league as a forward for the Aqua Fresh squad. She had an assist June 5 as the Aqua Fresh prevailed, 6 5, with a late goal in the third period. A Crofton resident and Arundel High graduate, Sheperd played field hockey in high school and college and skated briefly as a youth..

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In an interview, Flynn accused the Richardson administration of treating the company unfairly. After The New Mexican began asking the department about Helena for this story, Flynn made a special point of highlighting the company in a May 9 story on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal in which he was quoted, citing it as an example of how he claimed the Richardson administration had abused the department’s penalty process to fund pet political projects, including requiring the company to donate money to Mesquite’s elementary school, fire department and community center. In May, Flynn proposed changes to how the department’s air quality bureau comes up with what are known as supplemental environmental projects, which are meant to benefit communities affected by pollution.

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