If someone is found to have low bone density but not

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canada goose uk outlet People with low bone density are at risk of developing osteoporosis.This test can also be used to track progress with treatment. If someone is found to have low bone density but not osteoporosis, for example, a follow up scan two years later could be a reasonable approach to assess the rate at which bone is being lost.TreatmentIf you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, or at high risk of a fracture, you will need to seek treatment. The rate at which bone is lost can be slowed by drugs that slow the resorption of bone.CalciumEating a wide variety of calcium rich foods is considered the best way to get your recommended level of calcium intake.While calcium supplements are often recommended for people with osteoporosis who have inadequate calcium in their diet, there is some debate over the use of calcium supplements after a number of studies found links between calcium supplements and heart disease.People on drug treatment for osteoporosis should also ensure they have adequate calcium intake and good vitamin D levels.. canada goose uk outlet

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