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Photo Courtesy of 11 MainAll eyes are on Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant that’s making serious waves in the industry.  The company, which isn’t particularly well-known outside of China (but whose transactions dwarf both Amazon and eBay) has just debuted its first foray into the U.S. market with a shopping site called 11 Main. Considering that Alibaba has plans to go public later this year, this launch will likely be key to Alibaba’s future success.MORE: 5 Things Every Online Shopper Should Know About E-Commerce Giant AlibabaSo, what exactly can we expect? A major retail hub, 11 Main is hosting over 1,000 small business merchants in categories that include fashion, accessories, jewelry, interior goods drafcentrum-wolvega , and arts and crafts, with plans to keep adding. The site design takes it cues from Pinterest drafcentrum-wolvega , and shoppers can browse or search by either category or retailer.A key part of the site’s marketing is personalization: 11 Main is highlighting the stories of its small businesses by featuring select video profiles to give users a sense of what the stores and their owners are like offline.The main point of differentiation for 11 Main, though, is the commission rate it is charging its merchants—3.5% (about half or one-third of what other major U.S. shopping sites charge). And the company is also stressing that it’s carefully screening who can and will be included, with the hopes that the site has a highly curated feel.MORE: New App Let’s Your Friends Control What You Buy11 Main President Mike Effle told The Wall Street Journal: “There are many small shop owners that are looking for broader platforms, but when they look at the broader platforms, those are not necessarily structured to support their brands or their identities…Of course, we would love to be an everyday shopping destination.”Despite Alibaba’s global domination, experts don’t think this launch will necessarily be a cakewalk. Forrester analyst Sucharita Mulpuru told The AP: “U.S. e-commerce is crowded and relies on high marketing expenses to rise above the clutter … The hope is high. We’ll see if they live up to expectations.”The site launched in beta today as invitation-only and consumers can request an invite at


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Fashion Launch

Everything You Need to Know About Alibaba’s New Shopping Site, 11 Main

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