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For us, Rent the Runway has become the go-to place to score a not-so-permanent dress for a special occasion best hermes birkin replica , and it seems the fashion-rental business model is targeting a much younger demographic with the launch of Borrow Mini Couture.The brilliant site was started by enterprising mom-preneur Heidi Lieske after shelling out more than $300 for a wedding-suitable outfit for her 1-year-old son, and the Harvard grad thought that there must be an alternative to breaking the bank when it came to dressing kids for events.Borrow Mini Couture allows parents to rent high-end couture pieces for their kids for a fraction of cost—designer pieces by Stella McCartney and Dior, for example, run between $30-$99 to borrow. Each outfit is insured, so you won’t be charged if (or should we say when) your kids spill on or tear their designer duds.Honestly, we think the idea is pretty smart—kids grow so fast, making it almost impossible to justify shelling out big bucks for one-time wear. Plus etnaimmobiliare , it’s nice to know that stylish parents need not drop three figures for their kid to dress like Suri Cruise or Harper Beckham.Would you rent designer labels for your toddler or is this just a passing fad?Silk Ruched Flower Dress, $92.50, ChloeTricot Ruffled Knit Dress, $99, DiorChic Silk Ruffled Dress, $63.75, Stella McCartney


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So Cute: This New Site Offers Designer Couture Rentals For Kids

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