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If this were your average introduction to philosophy, we would have to talk about how Stoicism was started (stoa means porch, where the early followers used to hold meetings) and when it began. I happen to think that the history of a philosophy is less interesting than its proponents and applications. So, for a change, let’s spend our time on the latter.. For my money, LinkedIn is the best social network for professionals. However, Facebook, Plaxo and Twitter are good too. Offering something of value is the best way to get people to befriend you on social networking sites. When you acknowledge, accept and embrace the fact that your weaknesses are also your strengths, you can begin detaching yourself from illusion of or versus and in your life. The truth is, you are whole. Once you fully embrace this notion, you will consistently view your life in a more positive and yet still grounded light, you will experience these:. Another benefit of having a more portfolio approach to her career is that Kim can, as she says, “give something back” through voluntary work. She is already getting involved on a voluntary basis as a business adviser and mentor for two projects, one for youth enterprise and the other to help the long term unemployed into jobs. She is keen to work with young people who may face particular challenges in life.

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