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I read your comment, went and browsed around, and was intrigued enough to buy a pair in heather blue (Vitale Barberis 110 wool). I prefer slim skinny fits on all my clothing and the measurements on these put them within range. I been looking for an upgrade to JCrew Bowery/Ludlow wool trousers in the $70 $150 for a while, so this should be interesting.EDIT with follow up: The trousers arrived. Consider me a convert. I won say they are moncler outlet uk amazing, because at that price point you do have to make compromises. However they are light years ahead of JCrew. The wool is much finer, much more luxe than JCrew best stuff (Ludlow, I think). I believe I won bother with JCrew wool trousers anymore, unless a particularly nice pattern or colorway catches my eye. For everyday woolen trousers, I second the suggestion of Jomers. They fit slim. Worsted and twill wool, especially finer material like what is used in suits and dress pants, will get damaged if you wash them in a regular washing machine and even if you were to do that, a tumble dry would shrink and misshape the cheap moncler garment. Of course, there nothing stopping you from caring for moncler sale your clothes however you see fit, but if you spend $60 on a pair of pants, I would imagine you wouldn want to ruin them. You have to think about cheap moncler outlet it like machine cheap moncler jackets washing a sweater, you just don do it. Regarding other garments like merino t shirts, I don personally own any, but I would wager it probably the same thing.Also, you don really treat wool garments like you would other clothes. A pair of nice wool pants isn like a pair of cotton chinos or something where you wear it once or twice and then toss it in the hamper. General thought process on stuff like this is to get it cleaned maybe every few months if you wear it a lot, maybe every 6 months moncler jackets outlet if it doesn get as much use. Washing wool clothes regularly will cause it to wear out quicker, it be fine if you hang it up after you take it off and do spot cleaning with a damp rag browse around this site and steam out any wrinkles. Number moncler sale outlet 2 is the original site, which many still use. Number 1 is the new site they been building up for some time now, with the intention of including more options to moncler factory outlet reduce reliance on moncler outlet the vague “Notes” section. There ARE prices moncler outlet jackets differences between the sites and Number 1 does have some better deals if you willing to search. However, the Luxire rep on Styleforum moncler outlet store recently said they would be discontinuing the new site soon and building yet another site from the ground up. Pretty incredible announcement seeing as how much work they invested in the new site.

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