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ETS_Poussifeu 2 points submitted 5 days ago

First : you don always push the canadian goose jacket wave. If you canada goose outlet are low or if the wave is freezing toward you, you buy canada goose jacket want to back fast. The difficulty for freeze is to estimate canada goose when the wave will crash at canada goose outlet reviews your tower canada goose clearance because you want to be there when it happend. Sometime Canada Goose sale you have to kill 2 Canada Goose Outlet 3 minions then back.

About uk canada goose canon wave : If you push fast enough and recall instantly after, you gonna arrive in lane in time. Even if you will miss 2 3 cs for whatever reason, when you have lot of gold on you, it important to recall to spend it, to have more stats and to increase your cheap Canada Goose lead against your enemies.

Don forget : Gold you earn during game won go on your bank account. You can spend it all! 2 points submitted 5 days ago

Crafting a weapon will never be a waste of money because crafted gear is the long term gear for ArcheAge. uk canada goose outlet Regrading the weapon might be a canada goose coats on sale waste because of how the crafting process cheap canada goose Canada Goose online works (refer to this reply for more details).

If you canada goose factory sale have the resources, go ahead and craft your gear. If you don focus on getting goose outlet canada GHA (or whatever Greater dungeon set is best for your class). Then you can farm in Auroria for Illustrious drops canada goose coats (the base gear for crafted). This canada goose jacket outlet way, you can start on a crafted set on canada goose outlet online uk the side for the long term while using the dungeon gear canada goose clearance sale for current activities.

If you have extra resources then, use it to upgrade your dungeon canada goose outlet nyc gear since your crafted gear grade will just reset when upgrading to the next tier.

You need to stay healthy and to apply pressur canada goose uk outlet on canada goose Canada Goose Coats On Sale outlet sale map, even pre 6. You play shyvana, Canada Goose Online yes your ganks canada goose outlet jackets pre 6 aren great BUT you can give vision / check canada goose uk black friday ennemies jungle camp to give information.

Be flexible. You are topside and you plan to full clear your topside jungle but enemy jungler show bot? Just run first to enemy topside jungle and steal some camps / put some vision. Then you can comeback to your own jungle. canada goose black friday sale Camp you steal are double worth because it gold and xp denied to your enemy. If you don do it and enemy get kills / lane farm on bot, canada goose outlet store uk he will latter get also his own jungle and will be ahead of you!!! And you canada goose factory outlet will cry “I done my job but my team failed”.

TL DR : canada goose store Even canada goose outlet black friday if canada canada goose uk shop goose outlet shop they are way to official canada goose outlet get faster lv 6 (like start wolf and skip a small wolf), it not worth sacrifice all the pressure your champ can bring from buy canada goose jacket cheap jungle.

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You should definitly play differently. Difference come with how you clear your first jungle camps and also on how canada goose outlet store much you canada goose outlet parka want to force canada goose outlet uk sale action to happend.

In case of Shyvana, you want to scale, so you happy to farm and to not force ganks but counter ganks canada goose outlet new york city / cover lane instead.

For Lee sin, you want to force plays, ganks if enemies push lanes, invade enemy jungler if your lanes are push, dive if enemies are low, etc. You forget about an important reason of smurfing, canada goose outlet toronto factory using by most of high canada goose black friday sale Canada Goose Parka elo people. canada goose outlet canada It a way to approach ranked game and reduced ranked anxiety. I 2 account really close in elo and play on both, mostly on my lower account and switch when needed.

Your reason 1 is true aswell. But some casual player in low elo cheap canada goose uk play for fun aswell (and also lie about smurfing). People used to canada goose outlet in usa call them smurf Canada Goose Jackets only to boost confidence in they team (and their ego in the same way) canada goose outlet uk.

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