At first I had no idea what Diet Sabya was

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But we all follow it, from Karan to me. At first I had no idea what Diet Sabya was. So Manav (assistant) came and told me someone has done a trashing website and they put your name on it. There’s growing evidence that wearing body cams benefits both police and the people they deal with in the street, in part because research suggests that sides tend to behave with more restraint when they know they’re being recorded. A 2015 study in the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, for example, found that after police in the city of Rialto, California, started wearing body cams, incidents in which officers used force dropped by around 60 percent, and the number of citizen complaints against them dropped by 88 percent. (A more recent study, though, suggests that the cams reduce use of force by both sides only when individual officer can’t turn them on and off at their discretion.) Proponents say body cams can help protect police against false accusations of abuses though in some instances, the footage also sometimes can lead to allegations of misconduct..

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