All those historical homes destroyed

Jul 16, 2014 | Fotografía

The Blight in Kansas City

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0So I tried discussing this in city data forums and I ended up getting permanently banned for bringing up the blight, interestingly I had gotten suspended for 4 days about a month back canada goose outlet store uk uk canada goose for telling someone to kill themselves but bringing up the blight in a city is going way too far apparently. lol

Now, I don Canada Goose Parka canada goose outlet online uk know if anyone canada goose store else has noticed this, but Kansas City feels REALLY empty Canada Goose online leaving the downtown area, so many older canada goose outlet canada neighborhoods have been destroyed, which is a real shame because the official canada goose outlet stuff that hasn been blighted looks really good. I can imagine we gonna be able to replace those neighborhoods goose outlet canada with anything better, I canada canada goose goose outlet uk sale saw tract housing/mcmansions in a area that used to be full of dense craftsman housing probably built in the 1920s. I canada goose coats on sale talking Real quality architecture. All those historical homes destroyed, I really hope Kansas City doesn become another Houston, canada goose outlet I don know if I only one who feels this way but I can literally only appreciate older architecture, everything that new looks like a canada goose outlet uk plastic toy house, we cheap canada goose uk just don make canada goose factory sale like we used to. It just an eye uk canada goose outlet sore canada goose outlet new york city compared to the older stuff that once covered most of the urban landscape canada goose outlet shop of canada goose black friday sale Kansas City.

I mean the downtown area still looks really cool but the inner city has really suffered. buy canada goose jacket miles of canada goose coats area buy canada goose jacket cheap with 6M people, while canada goose outlet toronto factory KC metro has 8,000 sq. miles of area for 2M people so the density in KC is much lower canada goose jackets canada goose outlet in usa than most other metro canada goose outlet nyc areas.

Since land was widely originally widely available and pretty cheap Canada Goose sale to build on adjacent to downtown, there really no drive to maintain all of it it after it served its initial purpose.

Also, when you consider that the reason for building out JoCo was to enable canada goose jacket outlet white flight out of KCMO and Missouri jurisdictions, that further explains how it taken away a lot of people that would be living in canada goose black friday sale those blighted areas and cheap Canada Goose also canada goose canada goose uk outlet outlet black friday an inordinately Canada Goose Outlet large amount of capital that would been reinvested in those areas canada goose uk shop if all the wealthier white folks were still living there.

It also doesn help that the legacy of Troost as racial divising line still exists, so white people canada goose outlet reviews aren rushing to redevelop housing in historically black areas of the city either. Also, KCMO schools in those areas suck, so families don want to move in and developers don want to invest in rehabbing houses people won pay canada goose outlet online a premium for.

IMO, the best prospect for fixing this is getting a bunch of younger people to move into the corridor being built out along the streetcar line between downtown and the Plaza. But Canada Goose Jackets the key question is, once these guys move into Main St. area apartments, will they later buy adjacent houses further to the west into canada goose clearance sale Troost and stay to try and help canadian goose jacket fix those canada goose uk black friday poorly performing schools?

The city should be trying to figure out ways to create relationships between those Main St. But yeah, I don have anything else to say beyond that. canada goose outlet parka The destruction of our most important architecture bothers me, canada goose outlet store end canada goose clearance of discussion I guess. You should see the stuff I said before coming to Reddit, you hate me and probably understand why I canada goose factory outlet been banned from so many other websites. America a wasteland at this point, nothing but parking lots and highways, would Canada Goose Coats On Sale Rather my taxes not go to any more development in the states cause I doubt things are ever gonna get canada goose outlet jackets better.

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