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cheap jordans sale While “fronting” is often unintentionally carried out by well meaning parents, the financial and legal consequences of being caught are serious for both the parent and child.Read more: Insurance now costs DOUBLE the price of your first carWhat are the implications?Where this fraud is exposed, insurers have the right to cancel the policy. “Insurers can also refuse to pay for any cheap jordans manufacturer china claims, and can recover the cost of third party claims from the parents as the policyholder.”If the insurance policy is invalidated, any drivers covered by it would effectively be uninsured, and could be fined hundreds of pounds; they could also receive cheap cheap Jordans shoes jordans 11 low six penalty points on their licence.Read more: The car insurance catch that can see your cover doubled despite you not being at cheap kicks faultNewly qualified drivers could be hit hard(Image: PA)If a newly qualified motorist accumulates six or more penalty points within the first two years of passing their driving test (including any points acquired before passing their test), cheap retro jordans size 9 their licence will be revoked automatically.To regain their driving licence, they must reapply for a provisional licence and may drive only as a learner until they pass a further driving test.Read more: The gadget that saved one driver from in insurance cheap jordans australia hikesOther tricks parents use to try and reduce the cost of motor premiums(Image: PA)Elsewhere, research from cheap retro jordans mens the Co op Insurance show that as well as fronting, there are a host of other “tricks” which parents have used while applying for car cover in order to save money:Providing inaccurate details of annual mileage driven to the insurer Not being entirely honest about whether the car is kept at night Not telling the truth about the value of the car Not disclosing any enhancements that have been made to the car “These cheapest place to buy jordans untruths, while seeming harmless, can have serious consequences further down the line if you come to claim and the reality of the circumstances are uncovered,” said Steve Kerrigan from the Co op Insurance. “This activity is a type of fraud, and pushes up costs for other honest road users.”Read more: How stickers and other unlikely things could void your car insurance7 legal ways to drive down the cost of coverOne way you can make insurance more affordable as a young motorist is by signing up to a telematics cheap jordans website policy.With this type of cover, your driving style is monitored through a GPS enabled transmitter fitted to your car cheap jordans sale.

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